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I undertake a limited number of commissions each year working from clients' photographs. A painting can only be as successful as the material provided so a number of good quality photographs with the subject in an acceptable pose are required. The better the photographs the better the result will be. A non-refundable deposit is required before I can begin the work. Prices quoted are approximate, for a single head or animal with a plain background. For more complex backgrounds or bridled horses or more than one subject on the same canvas please contact for a quote.

Prices of sizes that include framing and are as follows:

10 x 12 inch oil £300

12 x 14 inch oil £400

12 x 16 inch oil £500

14 x 16 inch oil £600

16 x 18 inch oil £700

16 x 20 inch oil £800

18 x 20 inch oil £900

For sizes other than these standard sizes please contact for details.

Oil paintings over 26 inches on longest size will be supplied unframed due to being oversized for our carriers. Contact for quotes as they vary with complexity.








Copyright of purchased works and work displayed on this site remains the property of the artist and may not be reproduced or downloaded in any form without the artist's permission.